About Verified Supply

What is Verified Supply?

Verified Supply is a B2B Exchange for industrial and wholesale products. (An "Exchange" means that buyers and suppliers deal directly with each other at all times)

What Problem Are We Solving?

For Buyers: Current procurement practices are time-consuming and can cost companies thousands of dollars in lost productivity and higher purchasing costs.

For suppliers: Verified Supply dramatically shortens the sales cycle by enabling companies to connect to qualified buyers earlier in the buying process saving them time and money.

How Does Verified Supply Solve This Problem?

Verified Supply's patent-pending technology streamlines the entire procurement process for industrial and wholesale products and services. What used to take days and weeks can be done literally in minutes. 

Verified Supply aggregates buyers looking for industrial products making it a prime source for passive lead generation.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for buyers to use Verified Supply. Suppliers only pay if they receive a purchase order. You can view our pricing page for details.

This is our story:

Verified Supply was started as a side project to solve a very specific problem that we were having when trying to source components needed for a project that our company was working on. We thought this would be a straightforward process to source these components. We were very wrong! It ended up taking us six months to complete sourcing the products and obtaining the written quotes. This cost our company a fortune in lost time and opportunity.

So, it begs the question:

In the Internet age and especially with the sophistication of search engines like Google why would it take six months to obtain written quotes and purchase the components?

The problem is that most people rely on search engines to source products. For the most part, search engines are unable to deliver the information the buyers need to find the product they are looking for. This applies especially to complex industrial products.

Collectively, sourcing industrial products is an extremely time-consuming, frustrating and expensive task. Some of the reasons for this include the following:

  • Most industrial products have multiple attributes that require sophisticated configurators to find and select the required options. These product configurators are either poorly developed or missing from supplier websites.
  • Most supplier websites are not optimized to show up in organic search results.
  • Even when suppliers show up in search engine results most supplier websites are very poorly developed and difficult to navigate.
  • Most supplier websites are not updated with the latest product information from the manufacturer.
  • Most websites have no ability to offer a written quote. 
  • These issues force most people to pick up the phone to call a supplier and/or send an email. They are too time-consuming and prone to errors.
  • Buyers typically are required to pay for shipping the product. To get an accurate shipping quote is a very time-consuming process as it requires knowledge of the product dimensions and weight and the need to then contact the shipping company for a quote.
  • As a standard policy with most companies, Buyers are required to obtain multiple written quotes for any product they are purchasing.
  • Many resellers don’t have transparent return policies.
This summarizes the problem that we set out to solve. As you can see the problem of effective and efficient sourcing of industrial products is a combination of several significant problems. To offer an effective solution we need to solve all these problems and solve them in an effective and efficient way.

Millions of companies face the same challenges daily when sourcing industrial products on the Internet. We at VerifiedSupply.com can state with confidence that Verified Supply solves all the problems above and many more that are not listed.

Why not try Verified Supply now and see how it will benefit your company? If you are a buyer, you can generate written quotes for products with a single click using “One Click Quote”.

If you are a supplier, you will love Verified Supply for the highly qualified leads that it generates as buyers seek out your products for quotation and purchase.

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