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Team chat is at the heart of the Verified Supply collaboration platform. We think you are going to love it. We know that we do . In fact we use Verified Supply's team chat for all of our company's internal communications. We urge you to do the same. You will notice when you registered with Verified Supply that a chat community as well as a chat group was automatically created for your company. You can use it for general company communication and not just for purchasing or sales (or for anything you want!). This powerful team chat application allows any User to create a new team chat group for any reason. All chats can be easily encrypted. In fact, you will be prompted to apply encryption when you want to have a chat with someone. Don't worry about having to add any of your colleagues to the company chat group. They are added automatically when they register.

With the advent of Covid-19 we have all had to make some major adjustments to how we communicate. Video conferencing has become an essential tool to help keep our communication fresh and dynamic. Verified Supply video conference is powered by gitsi. It is one of the most capable video conference platforms available. All video conferences are private. Only registered Users of Verified Supply have access to this powerful tool. There is no limit to the number of people you can have on a video conference. All video conferences are encrypted for maximum privacy and security. There is no limit to video conference length.

Of course we are saying this tongue in cheek. Maybe terror is the wrong word. As mentioned in a previous post, a Harvard Business Review survey of thousands of top executives on their buying experiences used words such as “hard,” “awful,” “painful,” “frustrating,” and “minefield.” Not exactly terror but not very encouraging either. You can read the entire HBR article The New Sales Imperative here. It contains a lot of the same advice that we follow ourselves when approaching B2B sales.

B2B selling is one of the hardest jobs there is. Anyone involved in B2B selling is now nodding their head vigorously. When we look at our friends in the B2C space we sigh and can only wish for such simplicity. Here are some important stats to remind ourselves how tough the slog is:

  • A whopping 77% of B2B buyers said the last purchase they made was complex or difficult. (Source: Gartner)
  • The average B2B sales takes 4 months to complete
  • Almost 50% of B2B sales are never completed by the purchasing company

Those stats will give anyone in B2B selling pause and perhaps ask the question why? (or why me?). The good news is that we think we have figured out a way to make it a lot easier for both buyers and sellers. More on that later. Lets drill down a bit and examine some of the issues that contribute to making B2B selling such a high risk and time consuming task.

Complex Products-B2B products have on average fifty or more attributes the buyer needs to choose from when selecting the product to meet their requirements. Selecting the wrong attribute can lead to purchasing the wrong product.

Product Information-One of the biggest complaints that B2B purchasers have is that product information is difficult to access on supplier websites. This adds to the time it takes for the buying group to get the information they need and process it.

Buying is a group effort. In fact the average B2B purchase involves five to seven people and up to twenty five different documents that need to be processed by the group. Just getting the group together can be a major task.

Sales people don’t respond to buyer requests. This is a head-scratcher. However all of us have likely experienced this in some way or other. It is also one of the biggest complaints that purchasers have.

We could go on but hopefully this is a good starting point. Now let's get to the good part. Verified Supply makes selling B2B products a lot easier because we have made the buying part a lot easier. In fact we reduce purchasing time and by extension, the time to close a sale by up to eighty percent. Now here is the key to becoming really good at B2B selling: Learn how B2B buying is actually done. You can read more about that in this article WHY IS B2B PURCHASING SO DIFFICULT? (AND HOW WE MAKE IT EASY!). I promise you that if you take the time to understand how B2B purchasing is done and use the sales tools in Verified Supply’s B2B Purchasing and Collaboration platform you will close more sales...guaranteed!

Welcome to our community and thanks for dropping by! Our hope is that you will find a home here no matter your reason for visiting.

Verified Supply was created for a single purpose: To make B2B purchasing easy!

We think we have succeeded and invite you to see for yourselves.

So what is Verified Supply? From a technology point of view we are a collaboration platform with an integrated tool set designed specifically for B2B purchasing. Ultimately we will help you reduce financial risk inherent in B2B purchasing. B2B purchasing almost always includes a series of steps or "jobs" that need to be done to complete a purchase. These steps are well documented and essential to the B2B buying process. You can read about them here for example in Gartner's insightful article The New B2B Buying Journey as well as many other places. Our platform enables a purchasing team to do all of these steps in random order or consecutively while collaborating in real time. You will find it saves your company a lot of time and by extension, a lot of money.

As we all know, on the other side of a B2B purchase is a supplier. We also want to help suppliers be better at what they do. Selling is a really tough job and nowhere more so than in the B2B space. We think we can make you better at selling by helping you to understand how B2B purchasing is done. Our entire platform is built around collaboration and that includes you the supplier as well. Supplier participation early in the B2B purchasing process is a key focus of our collaboration tool set.

Finally, we want you to help build a community of like minded people who all have a hard job and want to do the best they can. Your contribution will help you be a better buyer and a better supplier. We look forward to your participation!

The Verified Supply Team

P.S. Top of mind to most people is how much it cost to use any service. Let's put this to rest. We don't charge buyers and/or suppliers anything to join or use the verifiedsupply.com platform. At some point in the future companies will have an option (but not obligation) to advertise on the platform.

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