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Year Established: 2003
Supplier Type: distributor
Sell To: all
Status: Active

About Sentinel Solar

For more than two and a half decades, Sentinel Solar has been the leader of solar products distribution in Canada. The company has been ─ and remains at the forefront of innovation over the years. This leadership has expanded by providing a full suite of turn-key solutions and services designed to guide any and all solar projects through to completion.

This all began when president and founder, Adam Webb, saw an opportunity other companies missed: a complete solar products and solutions distribution company in Ontario, Canada. Most companies that existd then focused on providing engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services, but there was a high demand for locally sourced innovative products to feed the growing Ontario solar marketplace.

Adam saw this as an opportunity and put his technical and business skills to work. Adam also realized the tremendous business potential and the opportunity for the solar industry’s growth in Canada. Realizing this, he focused on distributing industry leading solar power products and offering innovative racking solutions to pair them with. The rest is history.

What does Sentinel Solar have in store for tomorrow?

We at Sentinel Solar will continue to provide our dealers with industry leading and innovative products to meet their client demands, coupled with our industry leading support services. We will continue to innovate and lead the industry, while always making sure that we focus on solving the problems dealers encounter, and educating end-users who rely on our products to power their futures.

Services Offered:

At Sentinel we believe in strong partnerships. These partnerships allow us to procure and maintain stock of world class solar products. These are the manufacturers of solar products we believe in. These are the manufacturers of solar products we recommend for your next solar project.

Brands Carried:

Sentinel Solar

We are a 100% Canadian owned distribution company, helping North America generate more, power more and save more with solar energy. We carry a wide range of solar power products and offer a full suite of turn-key solutions suitable for any grid tie and off-grid solar energy project.

Our Return Policy

Based in both Toronto and Calgary, Sentinel Solar has over 25 years of experience as Canada’s leading solar products distributor. As a team, Sentinel helps installers select the right products, design and engineer the best solutions, and deploy and service renewable energy systems. To round out a product line up from some of the worlds renewable technology pioneers, Sentinel manufacturers a premium line of solar mounting solutions to fit any system needs.

Contact Information

Phone Number: 905-532-0770
Address: 380 Four Valley Drive Concord, ON L4K 5Z1